Choosing the Right Tree Service

Choosing the right tree service protects one of your largest investments; your home. When looking for tree work many folks have some idea of the pruning or removal they wish to have done while others are looking for advice and an ‘experts’ opinion. In these circumstances, a consultation is a great first step to adequately assess and diagnose the trees in question and understand the clients needs. It is common for a reputable business to charge a consultation fee to reimburse a qualified arborist for their time, knowledge and experience. Of course, there are some businesses that offer this service for free. As anyone should know, nothing is for free and many times wrong recommendations are given in order to drum up business when there could be other alternatives. Hiring a Certified Arborist with a good reputation provides assurance that you have hired a knowledgable and qualified professional.

Most tree services are basically tree removal services and know little if anything about trees. They are in the business of removing trees and this is their underlining business plan. When seeking advice or the ‘Free Consultation and Tree Assessment’ from a tree removal service it should come to little surprise that their recommendation is to remove the tree or to drastically prune it to make it ‘safe’. While sometimes this is the reasonable and logical thing to do, often times there are other alternatives that only a trained and qualified arborist can prescribe. Each tree species is unique and requires different management needs depending on its environment and the clients interests. Sometimes that involves removal, sometimes pruning, and sometimes nothing at all.

Ask the right questions and get the right answers. Why does this tree need to be removed or pruned? How will my job be performed (felling, climbed, spiked, bucket truck, crane)? What can I expect my yard to look like when you are done? How much of the tree is going to be pruned and what will be the long term effects? How will this affect the surrounding trees, landscape and buildings? These are just a few of the questions that should be asked and hopefully answered in detail.

If preserving and managing your trees are your top priority, then starting the whole process with the right company is the first step. Always hire a company with a good reputation, proper insurance and a qualified consultant.

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