Greg pruning a maple

Pruning chestnuts planted in 1846 at Mills & Mills

Alec craning out a hemlock

Apple tree restoration

Pruning maples

Derek and Jason pruning a locust

Job perks

View from above

Greg reducing end-weight in a old maple

Matthew working his magic on a plum tree

Greg ascending a redwood

Removal of a dead elm

Rigging out a dead elm

Fir removal

Derek pruning out deadwood in a maple

Declining maple removal

Derek in a fir

Greg and Derek cabling a Silver maple

Derek having fun

Snow damaged Atlas cedar

Loading oak logs

Working smarter not harder

Feeding the chipper

Greg reducing end-weight in an oak

Greg 'skywalking' between two firs

Pruning a willow

Dead fir removal next to house

Matthew and Jason carefully rigging out a dead fir using the GRCS device

Everyone loves the Dingo

Removal of a dead maple

Pruning of a neglected Japanese maple

Three weeks after the first year of pruning

Greg, Erica, Thea and Bella at the Hoh rainforest